Ventura County

    Security Guards of America is pleased to offer our comprehensive security services to the beautiful and scenic region of Ventura County, California. Known for its diverse landscapes, stunning coastlines, and robust mix of industries ranging from agriculture to high-tech, Ventura County calls for a versatile and adaptable approach to security services.

    In Ventura County, we provide a full suite of services that include trained and professional armed and unarmed guards, efficient vehicle patrols for large properties, event security for various community and corporate events, and essential fire watch services especially vital during California’s fire season. We also offer innovative patrol options such as Foot, Bike, & Golf Cart Patrol and utilize advanced Command Center operations for comprehensive monitoring and threat assessment.

    Whether it’s a beachfront resort in Ventura, a strawberry farm in Oxnard, a tech startup in Thousand Oaks, or a quiet residential community in Camarillo, Security Guards of America is here to ensure the safety and security of all Ventura County residents, businesses, and visitors. Our team is at your service 24/7, delivering tailored and effective security solutions that address your unique needs and provide peace of mind.


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