Riverside County, California

    Riverside County

    Security Guards of America is proud to offer its robust and reliable security services to Riverside County, California. Home to a diverse collection of communities, including burgeoning cities, charming towns, and expansive rural areas, Riverside County presents a unique set of security requirements that our experienced team is fully equipped to handle.

    In Riverside County, our security services range from providing professionally trained armed and unarmed guards to efficient vehicle patrols that cater to large properties and varying terrains. We offer event security for diverse occasions, fire watch services that are vital in California’s wildfire-prone areas, and innovative patrol methods including Foot, Bike, & Golf Cart Patrol. Our advanced Command Center operations offer a comprehensive monitoring solution that provides a bird’s-eye view over larger properties or complexes.

    From the vibrant city of Riverside to the tranquility of Temecula’s wine country, Security Guards of America is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all Riverside County residents, businesses, and visitors. Our team stands ready 24/7, offering custom security solutions that meet your unique needs and deliver peace of mind.


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