San Bernardino County

    Security Guards of America is proud to extend its expert security services to San Bernardino County, California, the largest county by area in the United States. Characterized by its diverse terrain, from bustling urban centers to vast desert areas, and home to an array of businesses and residential communities, San Bernardino County requires a flexible, comprehensive approach to security services.

    Our security offerings in San Bernardino County include, but are not limited to, providing trained armed and unarmed guards, vehicle patrols, event security, fire watch services, and unique solutions like Foot, Bike, & Golf Cart Patrol. With the scale and diversity of this area, our Command Center operations are particularly crucial in maintaining an eagle-eyed view over larger properties or complexes. We provide expert services to a wide range of industries, including commercial and residential construction, logistics and transportation, government offices, retail shopping centers, and many others.

    From the bustling cityscape of San Bernardino itself to the quieter rural towns dotting the landscape, Security Guards of America is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all residents, businesses, and visitors in San Bernardino County. Our team is on standby 24/7, offering tailored and robust security solutions that meet your unique needs and provide peace of mind.


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