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    Training & Management


    The backbone of any effective security force is training. It can make or break the response to an emergency situation. Security Guards of America prides itself on preparing our security professionals for the kinds of real-life scenarios they may encounter while on duty.

    Our security guards are trained to use proper radio procedures and always be in contact with their supervisors to keep them apprised of any incidents or suspicious activity. They also understand that their authority is limited to observing, monitoring and reporting activities they feel are suspicious or could endanger people or property. If a threat or incident is deemed serious, it will be relayed to local law enforcement.

    Security guards do not have the power to arrest, but their visibility will often discourage crime from happening before it gets started. Security Guards of America will ensure that any activity that jeopardizes someone’s safety or results in damage to property will be thoroughly documented in an incident report and conveyed to both their supervisor and client.

    Our security guards receive ongoing training to keep them abreast of new laws, techniques and trends that can impact security operations in the field. The additional training better prepares them for situations that may arise at their place of work.


    This is the core of our business. When you’re seeking professional security services, it starts with quality management. At Security Guards of America, we are continually looking for ways to improve our training procedures and performance standards. We realize that our security guards are only as good as the training that’s provided to them.

    We strive to establish an efficient partnership with our clients. We conduct frequent meetings with our client’s management team to ensure that they are happy with the protective services we provide. We believe that frequent communication is vital to a successful security program, and we also realize that our clients’ needs may change over time.

    We monitor our security officers 24 hours a day and our clients can reach us at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We evaluate each post on a quarterly basis to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of every client we serve. If procedures need to be altered or updated we’ll do that, while also making sure that our security guard adapts to the changes.

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