Johnson County

    In the heart of Texas, Johnson County boasts a mix of bustling towns and serene countryside, each with its own unique security needs. At Security Guards of America, we recognize these needs and have designed our services to match them precisely, helping to uphold the sense of security and community for which Johnson County is known.

    From the thriving businesses in Cleburne to the serene neighborhoods in Joshua, our security services cover a broad spectrum. We offer trained, professional armed and unarmed guards, adept in handling any security situation. Our vehicle patrol services provide extensive coverage, ideal for larger properties or areas that require constant surveillance. Specialized services like event security, fire watch, and standing guards cater to more specific needs. In addition, we provide innovative security solutions like our security trailers and command centers, equipped with the latest technology to monitor and address any potential risks. By providing comprehensive, reliable security services, we help ensure that Johnson County remains a safe and prosperous community.

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