Somervell County

    Nestled within the Texas countryside, Somervell County, with its rich heritage and close-knit communities, is an area we at Security Guards of America are pleased to serve. We understand that even in smaller locales, the need for reliable, high-quality security services is essential. Whether safeguarding businesses, protecting residential properties, or securing special events, our team is committed to providing a reassuring presence that contributes to the community’s safety and tranquility.

    Our services in Somervell County extend from providing trained armed and unarmed guards to implementing cutting-edge command center operations. Our patrol services, available via foot, bike, golf cart, or vehicle, ensure the security of vast properties and secluded areas. We also offer specialized fire watch services and lock up and alarm systems, making sure that no potential risk is overlooked. Our commitment to continuous training ensures that our guards remain updated on the latest security techniques and laws, prepared to handle any situation they encounter. By fostering a safe and secure environment, we help preserve Somervell County’s unique charm and peaceful way of life.

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